Lighting A Cyc Wall

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Is for the short throw and the top part is for the longer throw. The Spectra Cyc UV 50 is a 50 Watt cyclorama wall wash luminaire utilizing high output 365nm UV.

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Its easy to evenly light a chunk of the cyc to around 90 IRE with Image 80s and kino 4xs or spacelights with some even from the floor if you have to bring your spot meter if you dont have a real waveform.

Lighting a cyc wall. Cyc lights throw a sheet of light. For example one question I have is do I have to throw extra light on the background the way I do for high key photos. In my case they are 45 ft back and 9 feet in the air the height of my wall.

12242010 Lighting of the CYC is done seperately from lighting the talent. In this case A cyc wall can be lit up with colored gels or patterned screens. Designed for theatrical and architectural applications the Spectra Cyc 200 blends.

The video is currently playing in a different window. If you decide to log for more art-y look think of a cyc as a prop or interior try different angles. Again I would suggest not using a pure super white paint for light exposure value reasons.

1272009 Is this a flat cyc wall or a cove cyc with 2-3 sides. Lighting a cyc wall. 11252012 So depending on the size of your cyc you may want to do a quick.

Ive never used one before and would like to know if there is any special way to light it and the model in order to take full advantage of the wall. Production space for 39 in Orange CA. The Spectra Cyc 200 is a 200 Watt cyclorama wall wash luminaire utilizing high output LED emitters.

Traditionally with a J. – Well and depending on your light source it determines what kind of light fixture you should use like for example for this about a 30 by 25 foot cyc. If so it should already be lit evenly from top to bottom.

If you dont want any shadows on the cyc light it with two sources placed mirror-like on either side on the cyc. The last step is to finish the surface by sanding and making sure the transition joints are super smooth. Dirty test with a shop light or two with regular uncorrected flourescent bulbs to make sure you get enough intensity from them to light your cyc evenly as the ghetto flos cant run the pro Kino tubes as brightly as a real Kino-Flo fixture would.

There even might be no light at all for the background to bring in complete darkness behind. Just used the vinyl flooring material I mentioned when we needed a large seamless background. Its sometimes called a cyc background cyc wall or infinity wall.

It became popular in 19th-century German theatre but a form of the method is still used today. 7272016 Painting a cyc wall stage. 732017 Actually when we moved from a studio that had a two wall cyc to a smaller studio we didnt even bother building a new one.

See more tech news tips and reviews at httpGeekBeatTV Connect with Geek Beatweb. Cyc-wall is very useful for e-commerce catalogue fashion or. I looked for similar posts but couldnt find any.

We used LED panels but the problem is LED panels are this big theyre one by one sized so we had to use one two three four five six seven eight nine to make it pure white. I recommend good lighting for this finishing phase. Add a coat of primer and then paint.

Shaped reflector they are able to sit on the floor or hang fairly close to the backdrop and throw an even sheet of light up and down. Ive found that large lights 5k are the way to go in these cases. 252019 You can blast the cyc with light stands positioned outside of the frame but the easiest position to light from is the ceiling so youll probably want to look into how to build an overhead lighting.

10242011 Rule of thumb is point the lights at a 45deg angle down and put them half the distance away from the wall as the wall is high. The main purpose is to get full even cyc. Are you shooting in a studio with a pre-built hard cyc wall.

All gear included in rental price GRAND OPENING PRICE 39hr Monday – Thursday 59hr Friday – Sunday Please note 1. 9122019 Cyclorama Definition What is a cyclorama. The bottom of the J.

A cyclorama sometimes referred to as a cyc wall is a curtain or wall background stretched tight in an arc usually in the back of a stage set or theatre to create the illusion of a sky. Eventually cycs were laid on the surface of the stage to form a curve and the lighting director with proper lighting could eliminate any shadows thus creating an infinity cyc The purpose of a cyc is to create a smooth transition from floor to wall to help eliminate hard shadows at the horizon and allow for an infinitely large set. For the talent Id use softboxeschicken coops or spacelights from above as base lighting.

Also it might be just one light hitting the wall from the side or topbottom to create a silhouette behind the model. Im going to rent a cyc wall next weekend.

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