Vastu Paint Colors For Home In Tamil

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Light colours make the room look big. Yellow represents boldness happiness and optimism.

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Prefer using calm colours like blue cream and light tones of pink and green.

Vastu paint colors for home in tamil. Red and black are bold colours which encourage many negative attributes like lust lack etc. This article takes a look at different exterior wall colors and their unique significance as per Vastu for home. This absorbs negativity and may lead to.

An orange coloured dining room will help to stimulate good appetite. 992020 Similarly Vastu colors for home exterior walls can have a huge impact on the life of the people residing in that house and can bring about any change they want. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE JKR Bhakthi Channel.

It is the most natural and powerful colour both in value and intense in purest form. Just like south west direction rooms are not good for the children but the colors that one should use for room in this direction are the shades of blue or brown. Colours to be avoided.

Tints of yellow are ideal for all the rooms and make the room look bigger. Of the Navagraha planet as per jyothish shastra. As per vastu shastra the best place to locate a pooja room is NE part.

Avoid dark colours as it will add gloominess to the space. Hence the best colors for pooja room are light yellow white cream light green light blue etc. According to Vastu the balcony should be in the north or east direction.

Vastu shastra for house colour and their Impact. It is perennial in interior design which complements with green and red by providing freshness and gaiety. Marble Handicraft Artwork as per Indian Vastu Shastra Chinese Feng Shui.

Orange color is the favorite color of Lord Jupiter or Guru Bagawan. This color will help you make better decisions in life and connect you to the divine consciousness. Vastu shastra colour suggested that use lighter shades like blue or green apart from other lighter shades like pink or cream.

They are orange green and violet. Just as our choice of colors reflects our attitude and approach towards life the color of the walls and every corner of our home deeply impact the happenings around us and affect us negatively or positively. Colours stir different feelings and emotions.

4132020 vastu colors for home क अनसर घर क रग दशओ तथ घर क मलक क जनमतथ क अनसर ह तय कय जन शभ हत ह. Vastu Paintings Fengshui Paintings Pictures Brass. White can also be used here.

Vastu Shastra advises to avoid black colour in the house and avoid red colour in the rooms of the people who are suffering from depression and anxiety issues. It encourages happy joyful and social gatherings.

In the North-West area white light grey and cream should be used as these are related to air. Color for kids room in West. Vastu Shastra also suggests a yellow colour for pooja rooms and auspicious places.

Avoid using red or black colours as house paints advised vastu colours for painting house. West is for water and colour for this element is blue. Vastu advice for exterior colours to never have black coloring on walls.

Violet – Violet stands for contentment spirituality and tranquility. Southshould ideally not be given to children though the color that one should use are terracotta or shades of yellow. They are orange green and violet.

Vastu Colors for Home Colors play a very important role in our lives and have a definite bearing on our fate. Also from the previous section of the article you can relate that the best colors for NE are yellow green and blue. Colour As Per Vastu Shastra.

It is best to paint the pooja room kids bedroom and study room with this color. If you have a home-office opt for colours like light green blue cream and white according to Vastu. Vastu shastra Bedroom Colour.

8202019 Here is a list of Vastu colours perfect for the living room. Tertiary color- When two secondary colors are mixed they form a tertiary color like citron olive russet.

This colour inspires spirituality as it represents transcendence and an otherworldly aspect. Secondary color-When two primary colors are mixed they form a secondary color. White associated with innocence purity and goodness Floral whites represent honesty and perfection Beige associated with being neutral calm and relaxed Cream instils beauty and charm Light pink fosters warmth 1 7.

Wall Colors according to Vastu Blue Color. Vastu Colors For Home.

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